About us


Vishleshan Software Solutions Private Limited is a domain expert in IT solutions and services. Our core strength lies in a perfected approach to building Enterprise Application Products, Web and Mobile Applications, IT infrastructure management, Outsourced Application Management as well as Solutions for the Hospitality Industry. Additionally, we address a variety of industry specific IT-based business consulting, projects and service requirements. Our corporate headquarter is located in Mumbai, India. (map)

Company Culture

Apart from professional expertise, the entire team at Vishleshan Software Solutions is passionionte about software development solutions and posesses a zeal to give every job at hand its best possible shot that shines through in each successful delivery. Our hiring process is carefully designed to tie in with this culture. When we hire developers, we look for impeccable execution skills, but more importantly, we look for the right attitude towards work and work ethics. Our teams' thought process is one of ownership and responsibility. The company is thus focussed on building a great product and not just implementing an IT project brief. This is what allows us to maintain an environment that is highly conducive to creative thinking, planning, development and management of projects for each and every client.


Customer Centric Approach

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all." - Michael LeBoeuf (Business Author)

This is the belief we go by at VSS. Our constant strife to achieve customer satisfaction is precisely what keeps our list of happy clients growing.
Growing the list is one part. The more crucial aspect is maintaining a long lasting professional relationship with our lients and we at VSS can claim that we have done so, more often than not.

We take charge of each project at hand with firm conviction`and successfully become our customer's preferred world-class technology solutions provider. We attain customer satisfaction and lasting relationships through -

  • A quality product
  • Reliable service
  • Ethical work practices and
  • Special emphasis on after sales service

Competitive Advantage

VSS has an innovative approach to software development for its offshore clients. Having handled scores of projects for clients in US, Europe, Asia and Africa, we've devised an approach that increases our competitive advantage for such projects.

We help our overseas clients efficiently overcome various challenges such as:

  • Budget constraints
  • Optimization of resources
  • Logistics management and
  • Process errors

Moreover, we use the latest high-end technology solutions that are a unique combination of:

  • Fundamental algorithmic research activity
  • Practical applications in programming
  • Customized IT systems design
  • Software development
  • Consulting and
  • Software Testing