Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

VSS offers an array of custom software development facilities across varied organizational domains. Ourexpertise pans across all stages of our clients software development life cycle from concept stage to deployment.

The idea behind developing customized software at VSS is to consistently solve the client's organizational and business related problems perceiving the software being deployed as a solution rather than just a product that needs to be delivered. VSS has provided scores of custom solutions over the years to clients from varied industries, each having their own unique set of software requirements.

Corporate Intranet Portal

At VSS we take pride in thevast pool of our corporate intranet features. These features enable us to build smart portals and applications that seamlessly workwith the specific business requirements of our clients across industries and all verticals. We deploy solutions that are easily accessible, cost efficient and function fast. Here are a few examples -

  • Dena Bank

  • Our corporate intranet solution for Dena Bank was made keeping in mind, the needs of efficient banking employees as well as individuals higher up in the organizational hierarchy. It features a discussion forum, query management system, dashboard, advanced search capabilities, calendar management, group discussion as well as social media.

  • Amalat Group

  • The Amalat Application was deployed to specifically bring efficiency into the functioning of their community center. This application was required to provide complete handling of community members across the globe which included handling Jamaat, Jamiat and needed other features to ensure that all associated tasks could be easily performed using the portal. Our solution not only made the aforementioned tasks much easier but also captured all community members information, provided a member transfer module, fund management, high level permission module, user management and third party integration.

Work Flow Management

We at VSS firmly believe that Business and IT cannot be mutually exclusive. This is whyour Workflow Management Solutions are carefully designed to fill gaps between the two verticals. We provide holistic platforms that allow business verticals to work collaboratively and make process management more efficient. Costs are saved to a large extent and ROI is evidently seen as we streamline workforce operations along with real-time analytical insights into parameters such as productivity and performance. Here is an example of the benefits our solutions bring to the table:

  • Baywood Hotels-USA Work Flow Management

  • Baywood Hotels, Inc. is a rapidly growing hotel management company based out of Greenbelt, Maryland (a suburb of Washington, DC). They have regional offices in Chantilly, Virginia, Miami, Florida and San Antonio.The workflow management solution that VSS put in place for Baywoodcleverly combines the capabilities of User Management, Document Management and Sharing,HR Accounting, Loan Module, Advanced Reporting with Reminders, Property Managementas key features.

Distribution Database Management

New age technology now makes it possible for businesses to take advantage of a central repository of information. Information can be updated in real time from multiple databases and servers, for the entire workforce, distributed across the company's global offices as well as those who are on the move. This is the crux of our Distribution Database Management solutions. They let you create a Single Database Architecture combiningdata from multiple sites, servers and applications. Our solutions allow data distribution across multiple servers and data centers. This reduces single points of failure and streamlines backup procedures. Disaster avoidance capabilities are also established in the process of deploying our distribution database management solution. Noble Gears is a relevant case in point in order to elucidate the advantages of such a system -

"NobleGears" is a complete client server-based application that support clinical biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, immunology, serology, histopathology, and clinical pathology.

We have built aweb-based doctor module, laboratory and patient modules for Noble Gears. These modules have been designed and created in keeping with guidelines from pathologist and microbiologist on the panel. The solution includes LIS interface and integration, accounting, expense, revenue, statement & profitability analysis reports and statistics test report sorting and searching. Moreover, our solution supports synchronization between different relational databases, whichmeans that the solution can grow at the same pace as your business itself.

We have created a similar database system for a reputed company like Corporate Professionals.

Content Management Solution

VSS also develops complete enterprise content management solutions (CMS), designed with a secure access for multiple non-technical users. We offer a module for every web management requirement too.

Our CMS deployment does away with issues related to IT Web development making it easy for business professionals to publish dynamic, business-driven web sites in a cost effective manner. Organizations can set higher standards for communication, respond to changing market demands and support new business initiatives.The deployment procedure for our solutions is extremely swift, irrespective of how simple or complex the client's requirements may be. Our User Interface is intuitive and wizard-driven.This user interface enables non-technical contributors to create web content without putting them through lengthy training sessions

"Orlando Health"is a highly comprehensive, private, non-profit healthcare network that caters to residents in Central Florida as well as 4,500 international visitors a year.

The Orlando Regional Hospital board wanted to completely reposition itself in terms of branding. They werealso looking for a single robust CMS that would bring all their internet properties together making them easily controllable through a common admin interface. VSS successfully launched a large-scale CMS as per Orlando Hospital's specific requirements and also ensured that it interacts with their internal EDI and Peoplesoft applications. Click here for more details about this solution -